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Additional Coverage

How much car insurance do you need?

Basic Autoplan offers drivers a base level of coverage to ensure all British Columbians have a minimum amount of protection. At Westland, we strongly recommend that our customers consider buying extra coverage.

We sell a range of extra Autoplan coverage that lets you customize your protection based on your needs. The table below summarizes these options and offers more detailed information to help you decide which is right for you.

Autoplan Optional Coverage

Additional Coverage Summary of Benefits Covers
Extended Third Party Liability
Protection beyond the $200,00 minimum if you are deemed responsible for damages or injuries to others as a result of a crash. You
Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection
Covers you or your passengers in a crash where the driver who is found responsible doesn’t have enough coverage to pay for damages or injuries caused. You
Loss of Use
Can cover the costs of getting alternative transportation for you while your vehicle is being repaired. You
Vehicle Travel Protection
Helps offset the costs of having your vehicle stolen or involved in a crash while you’re on a trip or away from home. You
Roadside Plus
Provides eight coverages (including loss of use, theft deductible waiver, lock rekeying and rental vehicle coverage) for one economical price. You & your vehicle
RoadStar package
A package of coverages available at a discount for select BC drivers. You & your vehicle
Vehicle Coverage
New Vehicle Replacement Plus
Enables your vehicle to be declared a write off if it has a damage claim where the assessed damage is greater than 50% of the vehicle’s market value. Vehicle
(new only)
Replacement Cost Coverage
For vehicles three years old or less, you can receive a brand-new version of your vehicle or cash payout if the vehicle gets declared a total loss. Vehicle
(new only)
Limited Depreciation
For vehicles three years old or less, you can be compensated for depreciation of your vehicle if the vehicle gets declared a total loss. Vehicle
(new only)
Pays for repairs to your vehicle regardless of who’s at fault in the crash. Vehicle
Protects you from a variety of types of damage to your vehicle that are NOT a result of a collision. Vehicle
Specified Perils
Similar to Comprehensive coverage but only covers certain specific types of situations. Vehicle
Additional Policies

Motor home contents

Covers certain types of equipment in a motorhome that are not covered under Autoplan policies for other vehicles. Vehicle
Collector & Vintage vehicles
A custom policy for collector and vintage vehicles that are in great condition. Vehicle
Excess Special Equipment Endorsement

If you own a valuable car stereo, have a custom paint finish, other permanently attached equipment, consider buying insurance for non-manufacturer's equipment permanently installed in your vehicle.

Vehicle in storage
Used to protect your vehicle placed in storage with coverages similar to Comprehensive, Collision and other optional coverages. Vehicle
Rental Vehicle Coverage
If you need to rent a vehicle, this combines much of the coverage of Basic Autoplan with some of the optional coverages. Vehicle