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Home Insurance

At Westland Insurance, we know your living situation is as unique as you are and that all home insurance is not created equal. It’s because of this that we offer a broad range of customizable insurance products to fit your needs.

Unlike a lot of insurers, we also believe in starting with the basics: making sure we help you assess your risks and the value of your property and design a policy that provides you with the level of protection you need for peace of mind. Try us and you’ll see why we say your best coverage is our only policy.

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House Insurance

A comprehensive package to protect your valuable assets: your house, family and possessions. 

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Condo Insurance

A coverage plan that meets the needs of condo owners. 

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Tenant Insurance

Designed for people who don’t yet own a home but want the security of insurance. 

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Rental Property Insurance

A package aimed at protecting rental and investment properties. 

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Mobile Home Insurance

Also known as Manufactured Home insurance, this policy is similar homeowner's insurance but for mobile homes.

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Seasonal Home Insurance

You may not live in a seasonal property year-round, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be protected all the time. 

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Additional Coverage

Customize your insurance package with these add-ons.

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Save on Home Insurance

Learn how to save money on home insurance

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