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Buying a property is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. But it’s so much more than that. It’s where you wake up each morning, surrounded by the people you love and the belongings you cherish.

You spend years furnishing and upgrading your home. After a house fire or water leak, all that progress can be lost.

Living in the capital city of Alberta might feel like a dream come true; you can’t imagine calling any other place home. You want to protect your house and everything that’s in it.

At Westland Insurance, we know how important your home is to you. Our insurance advisors can help you find the peace of mind that comes with an Edmonton home insurance policy.

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Why Choose Westland Insurance for My Edmonton Home Insurance?

You’re not just looking for any property insurance policy–you’re looking for one that’s tailored to fit your home, your budget, and your lifestyle. As one of the top insurance brokers in Edmonton, we know how hard it can be to find the right coverage. We’re committed to offering great service, expert advice, and affordable home insurance.

At Westland, our insurance brokers make it easy to understand your coverage. We compare rates offered by different companies to give you affordable home insurance quotes. Protect what’s most important to you with home insurance in Edmonton.

Home Insurance Explained

Few homeowners can afford to replace all of their belongings and repair their homes. That’s why insurance is so essential; it protects you from costs that could put you into debt.

What exactly will your home insurance cover? Your policy covers damages from risks like fires, theft, water damage, vandalism, and wind.  Here’s a closer look at the protection your insurance offers:

In some ways, your home acts as a storage space for all your belongings; it’s a place for your furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, and equipment.

Once you add up the cost of all your items, the total value might surprise you. That’s why it’s important to choose an accurate coverage limit for your personal property.

Your coverage extends beyond the walls of your home; it can also include additional structures on your property, like your fence or a detached garage.

We never intend to harm others or their property, but accidents happen. If you cause damage to a neighbouring property, or someone is injured in your home, personal liability may cover the medical expenses and repair costs. This policy also offers coverage for legal fees if you are sued for an insured loss causing damage or injury.

If you couldn’t stay in your home due to pending repairs, where would you go? While your home is uninhabitable due to an insurance claim, your policy will pay for the costs of alternative living arrangements and meals.

How Much Will It Cost for Home Insurance?

The cost of Edmonton home insurance is highly variable. It’s tough to give a reliable average when there are so many kinds of homes, policies, and homeowners out there. For a more accurate estimate, we recommend contacting us for an Edmonton home insurance quote.

What Factors Impact Your Home Insurance?

If you already pay for insurance, you might wonder why your policy is higher or lower than someone else’s. Here’s what impacts your home insurance premiums:

  • Location (do you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, or that has a high crime rate?)
  • Condition of the home (what building materials was it constructed with? How old is it?)
  • The rebuild cost of your home
  • Your credit score & claims history
  • Square footage
  • Proximity to a fire hydrant and fire station
  • Additional risks (is there a pool or trampoline on the property?)

Do I Need To Buy Home Insurance?

Most mortgage lenders will require you to provide proof of insurance. Even if they don’t, we strongly suggest that you invest in Edmonton home insurance. It could make the difference between losing everything in a fire or being reimbursed.

Reasons To Buy Home Insurance

On the fence about buying Alberta home insurance? Here’s how home insurance helps you:

What would you do if you had to deal with burst pipes, a sewer backup, or property damage from a fire? Thoughts like these can keep homeowners up at night. With the right home insurance coverage, you can rest easy, knowing you have the protection you need.

Do you remember when you bought your first home? You felt giddy with excitement as you were handed the keys. But you probably also felt intimidated; after all, you just purchased something that takes years to pay off.

If your house burned down in a fire, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. All those years of saving for your down payment would be gone in an instant. Home insurance helps you protect your investment.

Ways To Save on Home Insurance in Edmonton

Maybe you’ve just received your first insurance bill and you aren’t happy with the cost. How can you lower your home insurance premiums? In general, anything that lowers your risk of making a claim could get you a discount. We’ve put together a few tips to make your coverage more affordable:

If you have a leaking pipe, you might not find out until you get your next water bill. By then, your home might already have extensive water damage. Installing a water leak detection device helps you catch leaks sooner.

Have you paid off your mortgage? Be sure to let us know; it may reduce your home insurance premiums.

Clients over a certain age (typically 65 years) may be eligible for a mature homeowner discount.

A security system will reduce the chances of a theft or vandalism claim. It keeps your belongings safe and makes your Edmonton home insurance more affordable.

If you have a history of making claims, you might have to pay a higher deductible and premiums. Try to only make insurance claims when you really need to. If you can cover the cost of the repair yourself, it might be better to pay out of pocket than to deal with higher premiums for years to come.

What’s Covered Under My Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

A typical home insurance policy will cover you for these common perils:

  • Roof collapses caused by snow
  • Damages from wind, hail, fire, smoke, or lightning
  • Vandalism, theft, or riots
  • Falling objects
  • Damages from a car or plane
  • Water damage

We recommend calling your insurance company to confirm what perils are covered under your policy.

What Is Not Covered by Edmonton Home Insurance?

You never want to find out that you’re underinsured after disaster strikes. That’s why it’s so important to understand the policy limits of your home insurance. In general, most home insurance in Edmonton will not protect you against:

  • General wear and tear of your home
  • Uninsurable perils (for example, if you live in an area that floods repeatedly, your insurance company may not offer flood coverage for it)
  • Mold growth

Optional Protection

By purchasing these optional coverage add-ons, you can protect yourself against additional perils. They include:

Water leaks can cause damage in any home, but matters are made worse when you’re dealing with sewage. When you add this additional coverage to your insurance, you’ll be protected against damage from a sewer backup.

If someone steals your financial or personal information, it could cost you thousands of dollars. This insurance helps you cover legal fees and lost wages.

If you run a business out of your home, then you need this additional insurance policy. It offers extra liability protection and equipment coverage.

Did you know that water damage is the leading cause of insurable losses? You may also deal with overland water damage after large amounts of melting snow or rain. If you live near a river or lake, you might worry about rising water levels that may flood your home. Enquire about this policy to receive coverage for heavy rainfall, snow melt, or flood damage.

If your home is destroyed by an extreme weather event, such as an earthquake, this optional addition will help you cover the repair or rebuilding costs.

Claims Example

One of the most common claims we see is water damage. This may result from a flood or burst pipe. Water damage can cause over $15,000 of damage in mere minutes. If you’re concerned about this peril, make sure you have the proper coverage for it.

How Do I Make a Home Insurance Claim in Edmonton?

Discovering that your home has been damaged by theft, a fire, or vandalism can be devastating. When disaster strikes, here’s what you need to do:

First, protect your property from further damage. Call for emergency assistance if needed.

Second, document the incident. Take photos and videos of the damage. Then, call us or your insurance company. Keep your policy information handy to verify your coverage. Explain the details of the incident and the types of repairs you’ll need.

Next, your insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to assess the claim. They’ll determine whether the damage is covered under your policy and make a claim estimate for the work that’s required. They’ll let you know how to proceed with having your property cleaned up, repaired or replaced.

What Are the Common Types of Home Insurance?

If you’re looking for a general overview of home insurance in Edmonton, here are a few options you can choose from:

  • Limited Basic Coverage: This minimal coverage only offers protection for physical damage.
  • Specified Perils: An insurance policy that only covers the perils or events that are specified in the policy.
  • Comprehensive: The best home insurance policy you can get. It covers your property, personal belongings, and offers increased liability protection.


We’ve put together this resource to answer the most common questions about home insurance:

By having higher deductibles, you can lower your monthly premiums. However, when you do make a claim, you’ll need to pay a higher cost before your claim is accepted.

To find out which insurance discounts you’re eligible for, give us a call! Our advisors can tell you more about ways to save on typical home insurance premiums.

Estimating the value of your belongings is no easy task. But if you ever make an insurance claim, you’ll be glad you did so; it will make for a useful reference. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go through each room in your home, and write down everything that’s in it. Then, write the estimated value of each item.
  • Whenever you purchase a new electronic, appliance, or other expensive purchase, add it to your personal inventory.
  • Document unique and high-price items with photos, receipts, and videos.
  • Update your personal inventory as the value of your belongings changes.

This refers to the maximum amount that your insurance provider will pay for your claim. For example, the payable limit for rebuilding the home might be $350,000.

We’re Here To Help

Your home is everything to you. It contains all your personal belongings and keeps your family safe. At Westland Insurance, we provide Edmonton home insurance quotes.

Our advisors help you find coverage that’s right for you. You can rest assured that if your home is damaged by a fire, theft, or water damage, you’ll have the coverage you need.

We offer home insurance quotes to the following locations:

At Westland Insurance, we’re here for you. To request a home insurance quote, contact us today!

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