Habitat for Humanity: Manitoba Build Days


Westland Insurance takes great pride in its partnership with Habitat for Humanity Manitoba. During this summer, our teams actively engaged in two build days dedicated to constructing homes for deserving families. Habitat for Humanity Manitoba has a long-standing presence in the community and has made a profound impact throughout the years. In 2023, they plan to complete construction on 16 homes and we’re thrilled to be part of that success and provide families the opportunity for homeownership.

The builders donned their hard hats, tool belts and steel toe boots to the build site and got to work. The focus during the build days was mainly on constructing the exteriors of the homes. Team Westland raised the exterior walls and made significant progress on the second story of these houses. The first build day took place on June 16, coinciding with a scorching summer heat wave in Winnipeg, with temperatures soaring to 38 degrees. Despite the intense weather, the team worked hard and carried on with building walls and raising them in place. As for the July 13 build day, the team focused on transporting wall materials to the second floor of the homes, preparing for the installation of the exterior walls.

Community holds a significant place among Westland’s core values and working with partners such as Habitat allows us to make a real impact in the lives of those in the communities we live and work in. A major life milestone is owning a home, and working with Habitat allows these homeowners an opportunity at independence and a source of joy and pride. Witnessing these families move into their new homes and create lasting memories is a heartwarming prospect that drives our dedication to this cause.

For more information on the organization’s goals, we invite you to explore Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, you can see the local progress and impact made by Habitat for Humanity Manitoba. Before you leave, don’t miss the opportunity to view photos of our hardworking construction teams below!