Have a worry-free wedding with wedding liability insurance

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Don’t let a wedding day mishap cause you future problems and ruin the memories of your special day. By getting the right coverage, you can protect yourself against worst-case scenarios. Secure your wedding liability insurance today.


What is wedding liability insurance?

A variety of potential setbacks may come to mind when planning your special day – from weather damaging rental items like tents, tables, flowers, and catering to a guest getting injured at the venue. Special event wedding insurance in Canada protects a couple if they are sued as a result of an accident at their wedding that injures a guest. The wedding liability insurance policy will provide the wedding couple with a lawyer to defend the resulting lawsuits, and the policy will also pay for the judgment amounts. Depending on the scenario, the policy may also pay for damaged items like food and tables.

What does wedding liability insurance cover?

  • Up to $5,000,000 in General Liability Coverage
  • Additional Insured certificates for your venue and vendors at no additional cost

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Wedding liability insurance does not cover:

  • A change of heart that results in the wedding being cancelled
  • Wedding day photography, videography or catering that was not as good as you were expecting
  • Unused alcohol

When should you get wedding liability insurance?

As soon as you start your wedding planning checklist! Let’s say you put a deposit on your wedding venue months in advance of your wedding date and then it is damaged in a windstorm a month before the big day. If you secured your wedding liability insurance, in this scenario, you’d receive your deposit back.


How much does wedding liability insurance cost?

A basic one-day wedding insurance policy in Canada that covers: attire, presents, deposits and venue liability usually costs anywhere between $105 and $350 CAD, depending on the amount of coverage you want. Pricing is subject to change. Get a quote and buy online today.


Do I really need wedding liability insurance?

If you cannot afford the costs associated with a lawsuit then it is smart to transfer the risks of your wedding to an insurance policy. The cost of one-day event insurance for a wedding is usually 1% or less than the cost of your wedding budget. Often, the venue will not allow you access until you prove you have short-term venue liability. The venue may also want to see evidence of venue alcohol liability.


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This article was written with the support of Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc. , a Westland broker specializing in event and entertainment insurance.