Protect your pet – Understanding pet insurance at Westland

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Pets are part of our families, offering unconditional love and endless entertainment. But with the joy of pet ownership comes responsibility, including their health care. That’s where pet insurance comes in.

Think of pet insurance as a safety net for both you and your pet when they need medical attention. Today, we’ll talk about why pet insurance is essential and introduce you to our comprehensive pet insurance plans here at Westland Insurance.


What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is essentially health insurance for your pet. It covers a portion of your pet’s veterinary check-ups and treatments, helping to ensure that your pet gets necessary care without breaking the bank.

When it comes to unexpected illnesses or accidents, having pet insurance can make a world of difference, both for your pet’s well-being and your peace of mind.


Why choose us?

At Westland Insurance, in partnership with Petsecure, we offer comprehensive pet insurance plans tailored to suit both your pet’s needs and your budget. We provide coverage for a wide range of services, including emergency care, diagnostics, X-rays, hospitalization, dental, and medication.

But Westland doesn’t stop at just the basics. We also provide special benefits such as alternative treatments, behavioural therapy, and medical devices. These additional offerings ensure that your pet gets holistic care, covering all aspects of their health and wellness.

For more information on the process, from receiving a quote to claims support, along with coverage details, check out our pet insurance page.


What’s covered in a Petsecure pet insurance plan?

  • Accident and illness coverage, including emergency care, diagnostics, X-rays, hospitalization, medication, and surgery
  • Dental coverage, including the cost of annual cleaning or problems with teeth and/or gums
  • Member benefits, including boarding and kennel fees, lost pet advertising, and holiday cancellation
  • Special benefits, including alternative treatments, behavioural therapy, and medical devices
  • Wellness coverage, including annual exam vaccinations, wellness profile, and more

The value of pet coverage with Westland

With Westland’s pet coverage, you get more than just financial assistance. You also get peace of mind. Knowing that you can provide your pet with the best care without worrying about the cost is priceless. Plus, with our wide range of services covered, you can be sure that your pet will receive comprehensive care.


Navigating through the buying experience

Did you know you can buy pet insurance online?  Let’s explore the process of purchasing pet insurance through our partner, Petsecure:

  1. Head to our pet insurance page.
  2. Provide details about your pet, including the breed, birthday, and postal code.
  3. You’ll be provided four quoted options ranging in coverage types and limits.
  4. Once you find the coverage limits that are best for you, select the deductible.
  5. You’ll be prompted to enter your veterinary clinic details.
  6. Provide your information and payment details.
  7. Review the policy documents and confirm your purchase.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully purchased pet insurance! Remember to keep a copy of your policy to reference in the future.

Behind every happy pet is a caring owner. With Westland, you can give them the protection they deserve.

Don’t let unforeseen medical bills hinder the enjoyment and quality of life of your beloved pet. Now is the time to ensure that you’re prepared and capable of providing the best care possible for your pet, no matter what happens. Trust in our experience and dedication to covering what’s most important to you. Click here to learn more about our pet insurance.


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