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Business Insurance 

Running a business isn't easy. Here at Westland, we will make sure that you're protected and have the right coverage. We'll help you have the peace of mind to concentrate on what really matters, your customers.

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Commercial Insurance

Every business has unique risks. Have our commercial insurance specialists create a customized insurance solution for your business.

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Liability Insurance

Protect your business from potentially devastating costs with one of our comprehensive general liability insurance packages.

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Construction Insurance

From high rise towers to cabins, our insurance plans reduce risks on construction projects of all sizes.

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Small Business Insurance

Get affordable insurance for your business that gives you adequate protection and coverage.

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Contract Surety

We are well equipped to match you with the bonding company best suited to your needs.

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Care Providers Insurance

Protecting those who deliver much-needed help to the elderly and the infirm is an important part of specialty insurance for care providers.

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Church Insurance

We understand the importance of your place of worship as well as the unique risks and exposures faced by religious organizations.

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Community Living Association Insurance

The clients you help have special needs. Make sure you're able to meet those needs by protecting your services against unforeseen challenges with community living insurance.

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Drycleaners Insurance

Your ability to satisfy your customers and their unique needs can depend on how you protect yourself with insurance for dry cleaners.  

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Home Builders Program Insurance

Residential building contractors work in hundreds of different ways and locations, which is why they need home builders insurance coverage that reflects this.

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Information Technology Insurance

Residential building contractors work in hundreds of different ways and locations, which is why they need home builders insurance coverage that reflects this.

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Manufacturing Business Insurance Plus Importers and Exporters Insurance

The unique risks faced by the sector and how you handle those risks can be a key factor in your long-term survival and success.

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Restaurant Insurance

Pubs, delis, cafes, cafeterias and restaurants all benefit from tailored restaurant insurance coverage.

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Retail & Office Insurance

Despite an environment that is usually less physically dangerous, retail and office spaces possess their own potential risks that can be minimized with retail business insurance.

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School Insurance

Educational facilities face unique challenges as you work with students, teachers and other members of your community.

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Winery Insurance

The factors that make each wine different also make each winery precious too.

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Equestrian Insurance

Ask us about Equine insurance coverage for breeders, trainers, coaches, individual horse owners, farms, and other equestrian business facilities.

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