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Business Insurance BC


Commercial Insurance

Every business has unique risks. Have our commercial insurance specialists create a customized insurance solution for your business.

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Liability Insurance

Protect your business from potentially devastating legal liability costs including legal defense costs with one of our comprehensive liability insurance program.

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Small Business Insurance

As a small business owner you have unique needs. Our expert brokers will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you are adequately covered.

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Cyber Insurance

Internet related risks are increasing. We can help you analyze your risk and get the proper cyber insurance protection for your business.  

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Fleet Insurance Services

We have a dedicated and specialized team that can help you insure your fleet.

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Small Contractors

We work closely with our clients to make sure coverage is customized to each contractor's unique needs and exposures. We have commercial packages built for sub-contractors and small contractors.

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Contractors and General Contractors need coverage specific to their unique needs and we can help. We insure a wide variety of specialty contractors insurance. Our Brokers make sure you're covered.

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Construction Insurance

From high rise towers to cabins, our insurance plans reduce risks on construction projects of all sizes. 

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Directors and Officers

Directors, Officers and Executives can face personal liability exposure for alleged “wrongful acts” arising from their actions and executive decisions. Our Brokers make sure you're covered.

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wi_220x220_Care Providers Insurance

Care Providers Insurance

Protecting those who provide Senior Care and Retirement Living is an important part of specialized insurance program for care providers.

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wi_220x220_Community Living Association Insurance

Community Living Association Insurance

Insurance coverage specific for organizations that advocate for and provide support to clients who have specific needs or challenges. 

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wi_220x220_School Insurance

School Insurance

We offer an exclusive insurance program specifically designed for those providing educational service s including independent schools and private post-secondary sector.  

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wi_220x220_Restaurant Business Insurance

Hospitality Insurance

Hotels, breweries, pubs, cafes, and restaurants all benefit from tailored hospitality insurance coverage.

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wi_220x220_Winery Insurance

Winery Insurance

The factors that make each wine different also make each winery precious too.

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wi_220x220_Equestrian Insurance

Equestrian Insurance

Ask us about Equine insurance coverage for breeders, trainers, coaches, individual horse owners, farms, and other equestrian business facilities.

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Farm Insurance

We specialize in a wide variety of insurance for agricultural producers

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wi_220x220_Church Insurance

Church Insurance

With over 35 years experience, we understand the unique risks faced by Churches and other faith based organizations. Ask about our specialized insurance program for such organizations.

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Commercial Marine Insurance

With over 20 years of experience in marine and transportation insurance, our team can help bind the most comprehensive insurance coverage at market-competitive pricing.

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